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Learn to   Proofread.

online proofreading classes

About the Proofreading Power Training Courses

Whether for passion, profit or personal enrichment, learn the skills you absolutely need to become a proofreader. The curriculum consists of four core classes

Our online proofreading training was designed by a highly qualified college English instructor with over 20 years' experience in the classroom, and full-time work experience as a copyeditor, web designer and technical writer.

Free Proofreading Skills Test

Let's get started! Test your proofreading skills. After downloading and completing the proofreading test pdf, fill out the "Subscribe Now" box below to get the answers.

Our Proofreading Classes

Learn how to become a freelance proofreader, today!

core grammar essentials online course
business grammar online course
proofreading power business builder cour

Our Proofreading Books

  • grammar book for proofreaders

    Business Grammar

    Good writing starts with good grammar. Add this title to your reference book collection for professional writing guidelines.

  • proofreading practice book

    Proofreading Power

    Can you identify and correct common writing errors? Level up your proofreading and editing skills with this workbook.

  • proofreading and grammar book

    Proofreading Drills

    Are you a good proofreader? Test your skills! Exercises & answers only. Not for beginners, but intermediate to advanced.

  • freelance proofreader book

    Your Side-Hustle

    Start your business! The field of freelance proofreading is wide open with potential clients everywhere.

Basic Proofreading Course

Curious about proofreading?

Need a low-cost option?

proofreading mini online course

Intro to Copyediting Course

Curious about copyediting?

Need a low-cost option?

intro to copyediting 101
copyediting 101 book

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