About Our Proofreading Training

How it Works:

Proofreading Power Business Starter is the flagship course for our professional proofreading training. This self-paced online course teaches you how to become a proofreader and outlines the expectations of a proofreader in freelance and corporate situations.


You also get to try your hand at grammar and proofreading exercises to test your current skills. Before diving into this proofreading course, you must ensure that your grammar skills are above average, since effective proofreading relies on top-notch grammar skills.


Enroll in Proofreading Classes Online:

Once you have decided to seriously build your skills and credentials as a proofreader, choose your level of  proofreading training.


Enroll in the first proofreader training course online, and follow this sequence:

  1. Core Grammar Essentials

  2. Business Grammar Bootcamp

  3. Proofreading Power Business Starter

  4. Everyday Proofreading Skills


When you have finished each proofreading class:

1. Email the instructor to verify course completion.

2. Receive your proofreading certificate of completion to show prospective clients or employers.

3. Get copies of the books Proofreading Power Skills & Drills and Grammar Essentials for Proofreading, Copyediting & Business Writing to maintain your proofreader training.

4. Start applying for proofreading jobs or marketing your proofreading services!

Marketing Your Proofreading Business

For specifics on how to build and market your freelance proofreading business, get your copy of Start Your Proofreading Side-Hustle or Start Your Proofreading Business.

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  1. Core Grammar Essentials Class

  2. Business Grammar Bootcamp

  3. Proofreading Power Business Starter

  4. Copyediting Basics 101

Meet Your Instructor

Ashan R. Hampton proofreading class

Ashan R. Hampton

Founder & Instructor

The Proofreading Power Academy

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:: Donaghey Scholars Graduate ::

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