Choose Your Proofreader Training Level




  • You are just starting out and want to test the waters.

  • You have some writing experience, but no proofreading training.

Suggested Classes: 

  1.   Core Grammar Essentials

  2.   Business Grammar Bootcamp

  3.   Everyday Proofreading Skills



LEVEL 2 Proofreader

  • You might have a college degree.

  • You consider yourself a decent writer.

  • You might have some freelance or everyday proofreading experience, but not for paying clients.


level 3 proofreader

  • You might have a college degree in English or journalism.

  • You might have worked in a writing or editing related job.

  • You want to seriously pursue proofreading or copyediting jobs or start a freelance career, but you need more credentials.

Suggested Classes: 

            1.  Core Grammar Essentials

            2.  Business Grammar Bootcamp

            3.  Proofreading Power Business Starter

            4.  AP Style Copyediting 101